Question: Which Band Plays I Wanna Rock?

What band sings the song I want to rock?

“I Wanna Rock” is a song written and composed by Dee Snider and performed by his band Twisted Sister. It was released on the 1984 album Stay Hungry.

Is Twisted Sister metal?

Twisted Sister is generally classified as heavy metal glam metal, hard rock, shock rock, and glam rock.

Why are they called Twisted Sister?

The band had three different lead singers before Dee Snider joined in 1976. Their original singer, Michael O’Neill, came up with the name, although he didn’t remember doing so. According to Jay Jay French, O’Neill called him from a bar and said he had the perfect name: Twisted Sister.

Who did the Goofy Goober solo?

He composed music for the film Collateral directed by Michael Mann and is credited on the song ” Goofy Goober Rock” on The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie soundtrack.

Tom Rothrock
Genres Rock, EDM
Occupation(s) Musician, composer, record producer
Instruments Guitar, electric guitar, piano
Years active 1987–present


What do you wanna do with your life actor?

Mark Metcalf (born March 11, 1946) is an American television and film actor often identified as playing the role of antagonistic and aggrieved authority figure.

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