Quick Answer: How To Gold Star In Rock Band 4?

What are gold stars in Rock Band?

Gold Stars are an “Expert Difficulty Only” feature, and are earned when you achieve a very high score from proper usage of your Overdrive and holding a max streak consistently throughout a song.

How do you get gold stars ROK?

Another way to get gold and silver stats is via opening chests in the Tavern. Gold and Silver stars are also regularly available in Special Events, and also you can purchase them in the VIP ship if you have unlocked enough VIP levels for them to become available.

How many stars does it take to Max a legendary commander?

If you have an elite commander ready to 6 star, or an advanced at 5 or 6 stars, please send me a screenshot of the star upgrade screen with stars added. That way I will be able to see the percentage the stars will increase it by. Advanced Requirements.

Stars Star EXP Avg. Stars Required
6 20,000 125
Total 36,500 228


How many gold heads does it take to Max a legendary?

The total sculptures that you need for upgrading a legendary commander is 690 legendary commander sculptures. As you can see that most commander sculpture’s requirements are for a legendary commander. That is why maxing legendary commander is the hardest thing in Rise Of Kingdoms so focus on one best commander.

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How many sculptures does it take to max Minamoto?

My Minamoto has 14 Skill Points now, 35 Sculptures left, 45 needed for next Skill Point.

Which commander is best in rise of kingdoms?

Commander Tier Open Field
Artemisia S+ S
Yi Seong-Gye S+ A+
Ramesses S S
Guan Yu ⬆︎ S S


How many gold heads does it take to Max a commander?

There are 2 types of Commander Sculptures: Sculptures of specific Commanders. 10 commander -specific sculptures are required to unlock a commander.

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