Quick Answer: How To Pick A Rock Band Name?

How do you name your rock band?

Here is the consensus from over a hundred musicians, and the best tips on how to come up with a band name.

  1. Find a Name That Resonates With Your Music.
  2. Don’t Settle.
  3. Don’t Just Google It.
  4. Get Inspired, But Be Careful Of This.
  5. Don’t Use a Band Name Generator.
  6. Play With Words.
  7. A Unique Name Or Spelling.

How do bands come up with names?

Use a random name generator as inspiration. If you find a name or word that you think might work, play around with it to see if you can make it into a permanent name for you band. If you’re in a heavy metal band, try using a Dungeons and Dragons name generator to come up with some rustic, mystical-sounding names.

What is a cool band name?

Cool Band Name Ideas

Chaos In Control 100 Days 5 Nights Well Well Well
Got Hot Not Dead Hands Front Seven
Tech Giants Freemium Too Far For Gracie
The Badlands Loophole 3 Day Rain
Savage Groove Rug Cutter Western Front
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Is it illegal to name your band after a song?

First, you can’t copyright a name; what you’re describing is trademark protection. On top of that, names and titles in fiction (and thus a movie) can’t be protected. (There are ways around this to some extent, but generally names can’t be protected). Likewise, FYI, song and album titles can’t be protected.

How do I name my brand?

Here are 5 tips to come up with a good one.

  1. Gather ideas and brainstorm with your partners to form a list of possible names.
  2. Use clear, descriptive, easy-to-remember words.
  3. Make sure it’s unique.
  4. Skip the buzz words.
  5. Make sure the name can be carried over to your logo, slogans & taglines.

How do you make a creative band name?

8 Tips for a Strong Band Name

  1. Reflect the right mood and imagery.
  2. Want to use your actual name?
  3. Consider how it’ll fit on your merch.
  4. Be sure it’s easy to read, pronounce, and spell.
  5. Choose a name that’s legally available.
  6. Find out if it’s an available domain name.
  7. Invent a new word (or play off of an existing one)
  8. Reflect on your target fan.

What are good band names that aren’t taken?

150 Free Unused Band Names, Massive Local Music Database, Tower Bar Rebuilt, more

  • Logan ‘s Sun.
  • Icy London.
  • Giant Rats of Sumatra.
  • Klondike Kittens.
  • Finches of Attica.

How do I know if a band name is taken?

Call the main public library in your region and ask if it has a Federal Trademark Register CD-ROM. Search for your full band name, then each word individually. Hire a search firm (relatively costly, but reliable). A well-known sources for trademark searches is Thomson Compumark.

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Can 2 bands have the same name?

Yes. This falls not under copyright law but trademark law, which can be considerably murkier. There is nothing illegal about two companies or bands or individuals having the same name. There is a trademark office where you can register trademarks such as names and logos.

What is the most common band name?

‘Blink-182’ Is The Most Common Band Name Used As An Online Password — Kerrang!

Do band names matter?

It doesn’t matter what your band’s name actually means. You think of the band. If your band is successful, your band name becomes the band, not the words that comprise it. So really whatever combination of words you choose does not mean much of anything upon success.

Can two people have the same Spotify name?

You can shoot Spotify Support an email asking them to separate yourself and the other person into separate artists. You’ll most likely have to do this each time something is uploaded under that name.

Can you name your band after a person?

No, it’s not ok. And yes, they will probably sue you because they registered their names as a trademark. Also, there’s a rule called “First-to-use”, check it out.

Can you name your band after a character?

We Want to Name Our Band After a Movie Character The short and long answer is that no, it’s not an infringement and yes, you will be okay using Denton’s name. Bands do it all the time.

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