Quick Answer: What Rock Band Sang About Paranoia?

What guitar was used in paranoid?

1962/63 Gibson Les Paul/SG Custom Tony was quoted saying that he recorded the song “ Paranoid ” using a Les Paul, so that might have actually been this guitar. All the other songs were allegedly recorded with the SG Special.

What is the song on paranoid discusses nuclear disaster?

His attempts to warn the populace are ignored and mocked. This causes Iron Man to become angry and vengeful, causing the destruction seen in his vision. “Electric Funeral” also contains apocalyptic imagery dealing with nuclear warfare.

What is on the cover of Paranoid?

The album cover art depicts a man dressed in a pig outfit with a sword in his hand. By the time the album name was switched, the now-title track ‘ Paranoid ‘ was at the Number 4 position on the UK Singles Chart, where it peaked. According to Warner Bros.

What is paranoid about Black Sabbath?

Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler, who wrote the lyric, explained the song’s meaning to Mojo magazine June 2013: “Basically, it’s just about depression, because I didn’t really know the difference between depression and paranoia.

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Does Tony Iommi use a pick?

Most solos were played on the JayDee ‘Old Boy’ SG, though an Epiphone Iommi SG fitted with Gibson P94 pick -ups and a Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster were also used. These were played using the Laney TIs and the Marshall. The overdubs used a selection of the amps depending on the sound required.

What Wah does Tony Iommi use?

Although his favourite pedal is the now out of production Tychobrahe Wah, he is known to also use a Jim Dunlop Cry Baby classic, which will do the job perfectly. Octave pedals have also played a part in Iommi’s career to fatten up the sound of his riffs.

Is Paranoid a good song?

As humble as its birth was, it’s a textbook example of a classic heavy rock song: short, to the point, laden with hooks and performed with the kind of urgency and vitality that only young bands with big dreams and tons of confidence can muster.

Who is the man on the cover of Paranoid?

Photography and album design for Paranoid is by Marcus Keef, known mostly as just “ Keef.” He did a number of other covers for the Vertigo and Neon (RCA) labels in the ’70s, including Sabbath’s first album and their third, Master of Reality.

Who is the man on the Paranoid album cover?

Tony Iommi explains meaning behind Black Sabbath’s ‘ Paranoid ‘ album cover. If you’ve ever wondered what Black Sabbath was trying to convey with the album cover for its iconic 1970 LP, ‘ Paranoid ‘, the answer is incongruous.

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How old was Ozzy when Paranoid was released?

Ozzy Osbourne was only 20 years old at the time.

What tuning is paranoid in?

Paranoid tuning: (slightly sharp) E B G D A E. I recently heard a rough demo of this album which had some of the songs recorded in standard D. However, they ultimately decided to go down to standard C# for most of it.

What does Black Sabbath’s name mean?

Osbourne, Butler, Iommi, and Ward, schoolmates in Birmingham in the late 1960s, formed the blues bands Polka Tulk and Earth. These evolved into Black Sabbath, which was named after a Butler song inspired by a Boris Karloff movie.

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