Readers ask: What Did Brian Cox Look Like In His Rock Band Days?

How much is Brian Cox worth?

Brian Cox net worth and salary: Brian Cox is a Scottish actor who has a net worth of $10 million. His net worth reflects many years of steady work in show business. Brian Cox was born on June 1, 1946 in Dundee, Scotland.

Is Dr Brian Cox married?

In 2003, Cox married U.S. science presenter Gia Milinovich in Duluth, Minnesota. They have a son born in 2009, and Milinovich has a son from a previous relationship. The family currently lives in Battersea.

When was Brian Cox in D Ream?

Professor Cox, from Saddleworth, played with D: Ream in the 1990s while studying for his PhD. He has since gone on to find fame with his greatest love – science.

Does Brian Cox live in Scotland?

Cox, 74, who appeared in The Bourne Identity and Braveheart, was born in Dundee but now lives with his wife, the actress Nicole Ansari, in New York state. He frequently visits family and friends in Scotland, but feels the wet climate exacerbates his ill-health.

What is Brian Cox a professor of?

Brian Cox is Professor of Particle Physics at the University of Manchester and The Royal Society Professor for Public Engagement in Science.

What was reams biggest hit?

D: Ream is an Irish/English pop rock and dance group. They had a UK No. 1 hit with “Things Can Only Get Better” in 1994 as well as eight more top 40 hits. D Ream.

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D: Ream
Members Peter Cunnah Al Mackenzie

Does Professor Brian Cox believe in God?

Professor Brian Cox has told BBC Radio 5 Live that he can’t be sure there is no God. Speaking to Adrian Chiles, Cox, who describes himself as an ‘atheist’ said science cannot answer every question.

Where is Peter cunnah now?

“I’m so normal these days,” writes Peter Cunnah on the D:Ream MySpace page. “I live in Ealing and have done for the best part of the past decade with my wife and we have two young daughters. Most Sundays we go swimming in Chiswick.”

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