Readers ask: What Famous Rock Band Supported Jimmy Carter?

What contributed to Carter’s defeat in 1980?

The consequences of Iran’s holding Americans captive, together with continuing inflation at home, contributed to Carter’s defeat in 1980. Even then, he continued the difficult negotiations over the hostages. Iran finally released the 52 Americans the same day Carter left office.

Can Jimmy Carter play the guitar?

“— The only instrument he ever learned to play was the ukulele (and that his wife Rosalynn, “was the best hula dancer among all the Navy wives”).

Who was in Jimmy Carter’s cabinet?


The Carter Cabinet
Office Name Term
President Jimmy Carter 1977–1981
Vice President Walter Mondale 1977–1981
Secretary of State Cyrus Vance 1977–1980


Did Jimmy Carter make his own guitar?

The guitar is made from Paulownia wood that was planted and harvested by President Carter himself, who contacted luthier Todd Lunneborg to find instrument makers who might be willing to build with this wood.

Who Ran for President 1980?

It was held on Tuesday, November 4, 1980. Republican nominee Ronald Reagan defeated incumbent Democratic president Jimmy Carter in a landslide victory. This was the second successive election in which the incumbent president was defeated, after Carter himself defeated Gerald Ford four years earlier in 1976.

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What did Reagan promise in the 1980 election?

Reagan called for a drastic cut in “big government” and pledged to deliver a balanced budget for the first time since 1969. In the primaries, Bush famously called Reagan’s economic policy “voodoo economics” because it promised to lower taxes and increase revenues at the same time.

Who made Jimmy Carter’s guitar?

In April, guitar maker Todd Lunneborg, who recruited most of the luthiers for the project, visited Carter and wife, Rosalynn, in Plains and sat about 30 feet away in their garden to debut the instrument.

Who was Jimmy Carter’s secretary of the interior?

Cecil Andrus
Succeeded by John V. Evans
42nd United States Secretary of the Interior
In office January 23, 1977 – January 20, 1981
President Jimmy Carter


Who was Secretary of Treasury under Carter?

Werner Michael Blumenthal (born January 3, 1926) is a German-born American business leader, economist and political adviser who served as United States Secretary of the Treasury under President Jimmy Carter from 1977 to 1979.

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