Readers ask: What Other American Blues Rock Band Wrote The Hit “la Grange”?

What song made ZZ Top famous?

The 10 Best ZZ Top Songs

  • ‘Heard it on the X’
  • ‘I Thank You’
  • ‘Just Got Paid’ From ‘Rio Grande Mud’ (1972)
  • ‘Sharp Dressed Man’ From ‘Eliminator’ (1983)
  • ‘Waitin’ for the Bus / Jesus Just Left Chicago’ From ‘Tres Hombres’ (1973)
  • ‘Gimme All Your Lovin” From ‘Eliminator’ (1983)
  • ‘Tush’ From ‘Fandango’ (1975)
  • ‘La Grange’ From ‘Tres Hombres’ (1973)

What does ZZ stand for in ZZ Top?

The name ZZ Top, according to band member Billy Gibbons, came from a tribute to B.B. King. The band originally were going to call themselves “ Z.Z. King” in King’s honor, but then decided it was too similar to B.B. King. Because B.B. King was at the “ top ” of the blues world, they changed it to ZZ Top.

Is ZZ Top from Texas?

ZZ Top is an American blues rock band formed in 1969 in Houston, Texas. The group consists of founder Billy Gibbons (vocals, guitar), Dusty Hill (vocals, bass), and Frank Beard (drums).

What famous long bearded rock group had a song about the town the Chicken Ranch was in?

One of ZZ Top’s most successful songs, it was released as a single in 1973 and received extensive radio play, rising to No. 41 on the Billboard Hot 100 in June 1974. The song refers to a brothel on the outskirts of La Grange, Texas (later called the ” Chicken Ranch “).

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How is La Grange pronounced?

Pronounce Names

Submitted from: US
Pronunciation: l uh – G R AI N J l uh – G R AI N J let up go rat pain no jug What does this mean?
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How do you pronounce ZZ Top La Grange?

ZZ Top is wrong. So is this western suburb. It’s “ La GRANZH.”

How did ZZ Top die?

ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons [right] and three others were found in a fiery car crash. Houston, TX — Authorities in Houston announced this morning that a fiery car crash last evening took the life of Texas native and ZZ Top guitarist, Billy Gibbons.

What is ZZ Top’s number one hit?

  • Gimme All Your Lovin’ ZZ Top. Peaked at #2 on 4.29.1983.
  • Doubleback. ZZ Top. Peaked at # 1 on 5.18.1990.
  • What’s Up With That. ZZ Top. Peaked at #5 on 10.4.1996.
  • Pearl Necklace. ZZ Top. Peaked at #28 on 9.18.1981.
  • Bang Bang. ZZ Top. Peaked at #22 on 1.17.1997.
  • Velcro Fly. ZZ Top.
  • She’s Just Killing Me. ZZ Top.
  • Breakaway. ZZ Top.

Why did ZZ Top break up?

Jon Blistein’s Most Recent Stories. UPDATE: ZZ Top announced that they have canceled 27 additional dates through November 1st due to Dusty Hill’s injury. A spokesperson said that the band hopes to continue touring early next year and reschedule all lost dates.

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