Readers ask: What Rock Band Was A Lie?

What band did lies?

The band recorded the vocals there and overdubbed a new guitar part that was recorded from a beat up old Fender guitar amp that gave the guitar sound a meaty, edgy feel”. Lies (The Knickerbockers song)

” Lies “
Single by The Knickerbockers
Released November 1965
Genre Garage rock
Length 2:40

What band was Henry Rollins in?

Black Flag 1981. – 1986. Rollins Band 2006. – 2006. State of Alert 1980. – 1981. / Henry Rollins, original name Henry Garfield, (born February 13, 1961, Washington, D.C., U.S.), American singer, poet, monologuist, and publisher whose tenure as the lead vocalist of Los Angeles hardcore group Black Flag made him one of the most recognizable faces in the 1980s punk scene.

What was Henry Rollins biggest hit?

Top 10 Henry Rollins Songs

  • Public Defender (State of Alert)
  • Move Right In (Velvet Underground cover)
  • Burned Beyond Recognition.
  • Kick Out The Jams (Bad Brains)
  • Bottom (Tool)
  • Man in the Laughing Mask (Tony Iommi)
  • Rise Above.
  • Drive By Shooting.

Are the Knickerbockers the Beatles?

The Knickerbockers were an American rock band, formed in Bergenfield, New Jersey, United States, in 1964. They were best remembered for their 1965 Beatles sound-alike hit single “Lies”.

The Knickerbockers
Genres Pop, garage rock
Years active 1962–1970
Labels Challenge
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What were the Knickerbockers?

pants that rolled up just below the knee, which became known as ” Knickerbockers “, or “knickers”. Later known as Knickerbocker’s History of New York, Irving’s book introduced the word ” knickerbocker ” to signify a New Yorker who could trace his or her ancestry to the original Dutch settlers.

Is Henry Rollins married?

Rollins is childless by choice, and says that he has not been in a romantic relationship since his 20s.

Is Henry Rollins asexual?

Rollins has become an outspoken human rights activist, most vocally for gay rights, while deriding any suggestion that he himself is gay. In 1998, he declared: “If I was gay, there would be no closet. You would never see the closet I came out of.

What is Henry Rollins net worth?

Henry Rollins Net Worth: Henry Rollins is an American musician, writer, actor and journalist who has a net worth of $6 million. Henry Rollins acquired his net worth thanks to a career that has spanned music, television, movies, radio and more.

Why did Rollins band break up?

The album had a minor hit with the single “Starve” and the band appeared on Saturday Night Live to promote the album (season 22, episode 18). However, Come In and Burn was not as successful as Weight and, after touring for Burn, Rollins dissolved the group, citing creative stagnation.

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