Readers ask: Which Rock Band Game Had Lacuna Coil?

When did lacuna coil form?

Formed in 1994, Lacuna Coil quickly became one of Century Media’s biggest selling bands. From Comalies (2002) and Karmacode (2004) to Shallow Life (2009) and Broken Crown Halo (2014), the high-flying Italian act demonstrated an uncanny ability to pull in rock, gothic, and metal audiences.

Is Lacuna Coil a good band?

Lacuna Coil is an Italian gothic metal band from Milan. They won the 2012 Metal Female Voices Fest Award for the Best Album, the 2016 Metal Hammer Award for the Best International Band, and the 2018 Metal Hammer Golden Gods Award for Best Live Act.

Did Lacuna Coil retire?

The two rockers have decided to retire from the group, each citing the desire for more family time in their reasoning for leaving the band. Lacuna Coil just finished time in the studio working on the ‘Broken Crown Halo’ album, but the beginning of what expects to be a lengthy touring cycle is quickly approaching.

Does Lacuna Coil sing in Italian?

Simply put, Italian does not lend itself well to the type of songs that they want to sing. It works well for melodic songs, but not for heavier fast sounds. LACUNA COIL have a couple of songs with Italian lyrics ‘Senzafine’ – off of the Halflife EP and Unleashed Memories album, and ‘Comalies’ off of the Comalies album.

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Who is the lead singer of Lacuna Coil?

Cristina Adriana Chiara Scabbia (Italian: [krisˈtiːna adriˈaːna ˈkjaːra ˈskabbja]; born 6 June 1972) is an Italian lead vocalist and songwriter, best known as one of the two vocalists of gothic metal band Lacuna Coil.

Is Cristina Scabbia married?

Cristina Scabbia is currently single.

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