Readers ask: Which Rock Band Has Roxanne?

Is Roxanne on Guitar Hero?

Rock Band is based on Harmonix’s previous success with the Guitar Hero series of video games in which players used a guitar -shaped controller to simulate playing rock music. Wii version.

Song title ” Roxanne “
Artist The Police
Decade 1970s
Genre Pop/Rock
Family Friendly No

Why does sting laugh Roxanne?

There was an upright piano in the studio, which Sting sat on thinking the lid was closed. Tape was rolling for his vocal, so the sound of his butt hitting the piano and his subsequent laughter were recorded. Sting chose the name Roxanne because it has a rich history behind it.

What does Roxanne mean?

Roxanne is a feminine given name. It is derived from the Greek name Rhōxanē (Latinised to Roxana), used for Roxana, the wife of Alexander the Great, a derivative of the Persian Roshanak, meaning bright star and in Kurdish (Roj-an) as well as in Avesta (Rowc) it means “bright, sun, sunlight, sun god, day”.

How many times does Roxanne say Roxanne?

Roxanne is repeated 26 times throughout the song. Take a listen above.

Who is Zervas girlfriend?

Arizona Zervas, an American singer, songwriter and composer shares a wonderful relationship with his girlfriend Lydia Kenney.

Why did the band The Police Break Up?

Tensions between lead singer Sting and percussionist Stewart Copeland are sometimes blamed for the end of The Police. Technically, the late 1970s-1980s rock band, The Police, has never formally disbanded. Sting had also proven he was a gifted lyricist and composer, and had provided the band with most of their hits.

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