Readers ask: Which Veteran Rock Band Earned The Greatest Revenue From Touring In 2008?

What band made the most money touring?

Highest-Grossing Concert Tours of All Time

  • AC/DC ‘Black Ice World Tour’
  • Billy Joel ‘Billy Joel in Concert’
  • Roger Waters ‘The Wall Live’
  • Coldplay ‘A Head Full of Dreams Tour’
  • The Rolling Stones ‘A Bigger Bang Tour.
  • Guns N’ Roses ‘Not in This Lifetime
  • U2 ‘360° ‘Tour’
  • Ed Sheeran ‘÷ Tour’

Who sold the most concert tickets in 2008?

Highest Grossing Concert Tours of 2008

  • Spice Girls.
  • Neil Diamond.
  • Kenny Chesney.
  • Celine Dion.
  • The Police.
  • Madonna.
  • Bruce Springsteen.
  • Bon Jovi. Total Gross: $210,650,974 Total Attendance/Capacity: 2,157,675/2,157,675Number of shows: 99Number of sellouts: 99Average ticket price: $97.60.

Which artist has the record for the highest grossing tour of all time?

Ed Sheeran ÷ Tour: £628 million With a gross of $776 million Sheeran’s tour is officially the highest grossing UNTIL you adjust for inflation, in which case U2 have the bigger box-office taking.

What is the highest attended concert in history?

The Highest – Attended Concerts in the World

  • Rod Stewart at Copacabana Beach, Brazil (1994)
  • Jean-Michel Jarre at Moscow State University, Russia (1997)
  • Jorge Ben Jor at Copacabana Beach, Brazil (1993)
  • Jean-Michel Jarre at La Defense District in Paris, France (1994)
  • Monsters of Rock in Moscow, Russia (1991)
  • Love Parade in Dortmund, Germany (2008)
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What is the most sold out concert?

Ed Sheeran’s Divide Tour, which kicked off in March 2017 and ended in August 2019, holds the title for the highest -grossing concert tour of all time. After 255 performances, Sheeran’s tour logged in at $775.6 million and sold 8.9 million tickets.

What was the most expensive concert ticket ever sold?

Well, below are the 10 most expensive concert tickets being sold today.

  • Paul MCCartney/The Beatles – $241. To start off our list is Paul MCCartney.
  • Fleetwood Mac – $282. Fleetwood has kept fans entertained with fascinating and outstanding music for five decades now.
  • Roger Waters – $314.
  • Eagles – $354.
  • One Direction – $420.

What was the largest rock concert ever?

Rod Stewart’s 1994 New Year’s eve performance at Copacabana Beach is the biggest rock concert in history. This free concert attracted an estimated 4.2 million people.

How much money did Ed Sheeran make on the Divide tour?

Ed Sheeran reportedly paid himself a staggering £73.4million this year in earnings from his hugely successful Divide world tour, the equivalent of £201,000 a day. The singer, 28, is one of the most successful musicians on the planet and his big payday is thanks to the tour grossing $776million (£596million) worldwide.

How much money does Taylor Swift make per concert?

Swift shattered their record with $345 million from just 38 shows. That’s a $9-million- per – show average.

What is Metallica’s biggest concert ever?

Metallica plays for over a million fans in Moscow in one of the biggest concerts ever

  • According to Country Economy, just over 69.6 million people were living in Russia in 1991.
  • It’s easy to see why so many people were attracted to this video—we’ve never seen anything like it before.
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What was the biggest rap concert ever?

Encore: The World’s Greatest Rap Show Ever made its Jan. 3, 1992, stop at New York’s Madison Square Garden less than a week after nine people were fatally crushed at a hip-hop charity basketball game at City College of New York.

What was Michael Jackson’s biggest concert?

Having toured with his brothers since the early 1970s, Michael Jackson began his first solo world tour on September 12, 1987, in Tokyo, Japan. Attracting over 4 million people, including royalty, the Bad Tour proved to be successful, becoming the most-highly attended and highest-earning tour of all time.

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