Readers ask: Who Is Hardline The Rock Band?

Who is the lead singer for battlefield hardline?

Recording Timeline

Role Album
Double Eclipse (1992) II (2002)
Lead Vocals Johnny Gioeli
Lead & rhythm guitar Neal Schon Josh Ramos
Rhythm guitar Joey Gioeli

Who is the lead singer of Crush 40?

Jun Senoue

Jun Senoue 瀬上 純
Instruments Guitar keyboards
Years active 1993–present
Labels Wave Master
Associated acts Johnny Gioeli ( Crush 40 ) Tomoya Ohtani

Does crush 40 still work for Sega?

Senoue is employed by Sega as a composer and sound director, and has worked with Sega as a composer since 1993.

Crush 40
Genres Hard rock glam rock video game music
Years active 1998–present
Labels Wave Master, Frontiers, Victor

Is Crush 40 in the sonic movie?

Although Crush 40 was not involved in the soundtrack to the first Sonic movie, the dream team of Gioeli and Sonic sound director Jun Senoue wasn’t completely ignored. An easter egg tucked away in the film shows a reference to the band amongst Dr. Robotnik’s diabolical playlists (see image below).

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