Wake Me Up When September Ends Rock Band 4?

What did the guy do in Wake Me Up When September Ends?

Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong wrote this song about his father, who died of cancer on September 1, 1982 when Billie was just 10 years old. At his father’s funeral, Billie cried, ran home and locked himself in his room.

What happens in the music video Wake Me Up When September Ends?

Although the song ” Wake Me Up When September Ends ” was written in memory of the father of Green Day’s lead vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong, the music video heads in a different direction. It dives into the morass of conflicting emotions among Americans about the Iraq War.

Is Green Day still active?

Green Day is an American rock band formed in the East Bay of California in 1987 by lead vocalist and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong and bassist and backing vocalist Mike Dirnt.

Green Day
Genres Punk rock pop punk alternative rock
Years active 1987–present
Labels Reprise Warner Lookout!


When did Billie Joe Armstrong wrote Wake Me Up When September Ends?

The song was written by frontman Billie Joe Armstrong about the death of his father when he was ten years old. Wake Me Up When September Ends.

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” Wake Me Up When September Ends “
Released August 31, 2005
Recorded September 2003
Genre Alternative rock
Length 4:45 (album version) 4:19 (radio edit)


Is Green Day emo?

They’re a punk rock band. Some of their songs sound more like pop punk but they aren’t emo. And Green Day is tied to the 90s pop-punk scene of Berkeley.

Why is Wake Me Up When September Ends sad?

Wake Me Up When September Ends talks about losing someone that love to death and then one day goes off somewhere and never returns, like in the vidoe, dies. I also just want to say that I love how Billie Joe also dedicated the song to other people, who have died at some point.

Who is Billie Joe’s father?

1. He’s probably one of the first blue collar punks. As well as being a budding jazz musician, Billie Joe’s father, Andy Armstrong, was also a truck driver for Safeway Inc.

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