What Classic Rock Band Sang The Song ‘paint It, Black’?

Who sang Paint It Black in 1966?

The Rolling Stones were nearing their peak as pop hit makers when they appeared on Ready Steady Go! on October 7th, 1966. Their fourth album, Aftermath, hit stores that April, and their sitar-infused single “Paint It Black” spent two weeks at Number One on the Billboard Hot 100 in June.

Is Paint It Black in Rock Band?

Paint It Black is a song by The Rolling Stones. This song first appeared in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock and later appeared in Guitar Hero (iOS) and Guitar Hero Live.

Paint It Black
Performed by The Rolling Stones
Tier 3
★★★★ (Expert)
★★★★★ (Expert)

Is Paint It Black about Vietnam?

While the Rolling Stones’ song “ Paint It Black ” was not written about the Vietnam War, it has great meaning for many combat veterans from that war. The depression, the aura of premature death, loss of innocence, abandonment of all hope are perfectly expressed in the song.

Who covered Paint it black?


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Title Performer Release date
Paint It, Black The Rolling Stones May 6, 1966
Paint It Black The Standells September 1966
Paint It Black Chris Farlowe November 4, 1966
Paint It Black The Jalopy Five 1966


What does it mean to paint something black?

paint (one) black To make someone appear evil, malicious, or ill intentioned. He argued that the film was edited to paint him black, taking his statements out of context and mixing them with ominous music. Though he’s been painted quite black by the media, in person he’s actually a very pleasant guy.

How does paint it black work?

The Paint It Black skill allows you to mark an X on an enemy while in Dead Eye, then fire your gun directly at that spot. If you can mark a headshot with this, you’ll be popping off enemies like wild.

What inspired paint black?

There was no specific inspiration for the lyrics. When asked at the time why he wrote a song about death, Mick Jagger replied: “I don’t know. The song seems to be about a lover who died: “I see a line of cars and they’re all painted black ” – The hearse and limos.

Who first recorded Paint it black?

Paint It Black

” Paint It Black “
Songwriter(s) Jagger–Richards
Producer(s) Andrew Loog Oldham
Rolling Stones US singles chronology
“19th Nervous Breakdown” (1966) ” Paint It Black ” (1966) “Mother’s Little Helper” / “Lady Jane” (1966)


Is Paint It Black pro or anti war?

War is never directly referenced in ” Paint it Black,” but the depressed song lyrics echo feelings shared by many during the Vietnam War — civilians and soldiers alike.

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Did the doors cover Paint it black?

I don’t think The Doors ever performed Paint It Black. Certainly not on record, and I’ve never heard a concert recording of it. But it sure would be interesting! The Doors did a few covers: Back Door Man, Money, Close to You, You Need Meat, and Gloria are the ones that come to mind.

What was the first Rolling Stones album to be recorded entirely in the United States?

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The Rolling Stones first visited the United States in: 1964
What was the first Rolling Stones album to be recorded entirely in the United States? Aftermath
Who wrote most of the music that the Rolling Stones recorded during the early 1960s? The songs were covers of American blues music.


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