Which Band Recorded The Albums “combat Rock”, “london Calling” And “sandinista!”?

Who Performed London Calling?

The Siren Sound of the Clash’s ‘London Calling,’ 40 Years Later. Released in 1979, the Clash’s third album changed everything—punk rock, the band that made it, and the fans who worshiped it.

Where did the clash record Sandinista?

Recorded February 1980, Pluto, Manchester; March 1980, Power Station, New York City; March–April 1980, Electric Lady, New York City; May 1980, Channel One, Kingston, Jamaica; August 1980, Wessex, London
Genre Post-punk experimental dub
Length 144:09
Label CBS, Epic


Who is on the cover of London Calling album?

Listen to The Clash’s London Calling at 40 Amy Lamé and Don Letts play out The Clash’s ground-breaking double album London Calling in full – and are joined by Pennie Smith (who took the cover photo) and Clash Road Manager Johnny Green.

Is London Calling the best album ever?

To this day, it is still considered one of the greatest rock albums of all time. The Clash incorporate a range of musical styles, including punk, reggae, rockabilly, ska, New Orleans R&B, pop, lounge jazz, and hard rock creating a timeless sound of rock punkalicious music.

What’s the meaning behind London Calling?

This is an apocalyptic song, detailing the many ways the world could end, including the coming of the ice age, starvation, and war. It was the song that best defined The Clash, who were known for lashing out against injustice and rebelling against the establishment, which is pretty much what punk rock was all about.

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How long did it take to record Sandinista?

Sandinista!’s best reggae track was followed by One More Time Dub on the album. It’s great too – but something had to go to get it to 48 minutes.

How long is the album London Calling?

The album was a top ten chart success in the UK, and its lead single ” London Calling ” was a top 20 single. Track listing.

No. 20.
Title ” London Calling “
Writer(s) Strummer, Jones
Length 4:26


Where did the Clash play in London?

Where were “All The Young Punks” from The Clash song? Maybe they were up the road at the Roundhouse. This fine music venue, originally a 19th century railway repair facility, has hosted performers since 1966. The Clash played their fifth-ever show here in September 1976.

Who produced the clash?

Production duties were handed to Glyn Johns, and the album was reconceived as a single LP, and released as Combat Rock in May 1982. Though filled with offbeat songs, experiments with sound collage, and a spoken word vocal by Beat poet Allen Ginsberg, it contained two “radio friendly” tracks.

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