Which Rock Band Had Two Drummers?

Who was the first rock band to have two drummers?

Butch Trucks and Jaimo Johnson have been the foundation of the great Allman Brothers Band since its inception in 1969. They were not the first two drummers to work together in a rock and roll band, yet their styles are definitely unique.

Did the band have two drummers?

Trucks and Jaimoe remained the two drummers with ABB from 1969 to 1980, when Jaimoe was replaced by David “Frankie” Toler. Jaimoe and Trucks briefly reunited with the band in 1986, and then again in 1989, with both drummers remaining until the Allman Brothers break-up in 2014.

Why do some rock bands have two drummers?

Why do bands have two drummers? Bands have two drummers to create a thicker, fuller, or denser sound. Having two drummers can introduce more variation and intensity into a performance. Some bands have several drummers on stage at a time playing percussion instruments like bongos, floor toms or standing bass drums.

Why did 38 special use two drummers?

. 38 Special had two drummers because they wanted to have two drummers not because they had to have two drummers. Both of the drummers may play the same rhythm at the same time or one of the drummers may play the rhythm and the other drummer may play another style.

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Why do drummers have screens?

Drummers play behind a drum screen because it disallows the sound of the drums and cymbals from entering microphones that are meant for other instruments. This means that the drums won’t overpower other instruments or vocals.

Who is the best drummer in the world ever?

  1. John Bonham. John Bonham is undoubtedly one of the best rock ‘n roll drummers of all time.
  2. Neil Peart. Neil Peart was the fantastic drummer for the band Rush.
  3. Keith Moon.
  4. Ginger Baker.
  5. Hal Blaine.
  6. Buddy Rich.
  7. Gene Krupa.
  8. Benny Benjamin.

Why did the dead have two drummers?

Why did you need two drummers? That can be a blessing and a curse. One time after a particularly difficult gig, Jerry told those guys it was like playing with a popcorn machine. Because they got busy and were going in different directions and stuff, and there wasn’t much rhyme or reason to it.

How many bands had two drummers?

Bands With Two Drummers

1 1.Adam and the Ants Two drummers around 1980-81.
3 3.The Allman Brothers Band
4 4.B.A.L.L.
5 5.Boredoms i think they “only” had 2 from 1988-90 and since then they’ve had at least 3
i think they “only” had 2 from 1988-90 and since then they’ve had at least 3


Are drummers ambidextrous?

Drummers don’t have to be ambidextrous. What they do have to do is practice. You don’t HAVE to be ambidextrous to play a drum kit. BUT getting your off hand as close to the skill level of your dominant hand will help you play more difficult patterns with ease.

Who started the band 38 Special?

38 Special – Overview 38 Special is a southern rock band with their roots firmly based in Jacksonville Florida. Forming in 1975, guitarist Don Barnes and singer Donnie Van Zant come together and start the band.

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